Happy Halloween!

It was a crazy day, driving back and forth between Peanut’s two schools and getting Soso to and from school during lunch hour to get her costume on, trying to make it to three parades and it ended on a slightly sour note because someone stole the candy basket we left on our porch for the trick or treaters since we were out all night… but the girls had a great time and they looked pretty cute if I say so myself!

Soso was a mad scientist and Peanut was Pocahontas for her morning school and Rapunzel for her afternoon school and for trick or treating.






Rosie the Elf’s Final Days and Christmas Day Photo

I’m really behind on my posts again.  I sometimes wonder if I should bother posting old events, but I figure the girls will appreciate seeing them if they ever read this blog in the future.

I forgot to take photos for a few days so these do not represent all the remaining days after Day 13. I think there were a few days when she didn’t move at all. Perhaps she was getting homesick.

Day 16

Day 17

Day 20

Day 24 – We discovered what Rosie did later on Christmas day. Mischievous Rosie.


Now I know what Peanut will look like glasses on. Hehe…

Is it me or does Soso look awfully young in this photo? What a difference from 2nd grade, which doesn’t seem all that long ago.

Here is the “traditional” Christmas Day photo. This was the only decent shot, after multiple attempts where Peanut kept sticking out her tongue. I was so annoyed and the photo shows it, right?