Running Update: Dealing with the dark and the cold

November running isn’t going very well. I had a goal of running at least 4 times a week, hopefully averaging 20 miles per week. I ran 3x the first week, 4x the second week and I’ve only managed to run 2x this week thus far and only on the treadmill.  It’s been so cold! It’s been in the low 20′s and had it feeling like in the teens and I could not will my body to get out of bed in time to run outside for the past few days.

It was hard enough dealing with the dark, but freezing cold and the dark?!  And knowing that there is ice on the road as well has been a strong deterrent. On the other hand, treadmill running is awful. I can’t get past 3 miles!  I have to figure out how to get back to running outdoors again or figure out how to hit a zen zone while running like a gerbil.

The difference between October and November? I had run over 70 miles by this time in October and I’ve only run 37 miles so far.

I remember when the weather first started cooling off and 40′s felt SO COLD!  And now I would be happy with 30′s! I guess the life lesson of this month is that everything is all relative.

Running Update: 100 Miles and 29:29

I had a personal goal to run 100 miles in October and I did it!  100.44 to be precise.  I don’t know what’s going to motivate me to run in November, but hopefully I’ll find something so I don’t turn into a winter slug.

Also ran my first 5K in a really, really long time and I PRed it with 29:29!

I also had a lot of fun watching the NYC Marathon this year because I had 5 of my weekend buddies running it.  They all finished some at a little over 3 hours, some at 4 and one at 5. What an accomplishment! It almost made me wish I could run it as well one day. But having run with them on the weekends for the last 4 months, I know what it takes to be marathon ready and I just don’t have that kind of time.

Running Update

I was looking forward to my Saturday morning run with the group this past weekend because 1) we were starting at 6:30 (usually people like to start 7:30) and 2) I was going for 8 miles. I even asked ahead of time to do the 6 first and 2 afterwards in case I collapse and I’m close to the car.

Then everything came to a screeching halt when D said he needed to leave the house no later than 5:30 AM for a tennis tournament.  I know I’m getting addicted to running when I felt SO. BUMMED. OUT. Seriously, I was bummed. Even D felt bad for me.

Then I was more bummed because everyone, seriously, EVERYONE was running on Saturday and not a single person was running Sunday. Usually, there’ someone always running on either days.  There was no way I would be able to do 8 miles on my own. I haven’t even run 6 miles by myself!

So when I started out yesterday morning, I was going for 7 miles, may be a little over if I could.  Guess what?  8.4 miles baby!  Solo no less.  Sure, it was an accidental 8 miles, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I did it all by myself.

So about that accidental 8.4 miles… I really need to get that GPS watch. My iPod Nike+ is just so inaccurate. It was telling me, as I was approaching home, that I was at 7+ miles so I pushed myself to do another block loop to get me to 7.5 miles. I was so feeling super tired that another 1/2 mile just was impossible.  It wasn’t until much later when I mapped my route that I found out I did 8.4! That’s a HUGE difference. I didn’t even have to do the extra loop!

Of course I’m paying for it this morning… I feel achy and stiff, but I was too tired to wake up and do a recovery run.  I’ll have to do something when I get home, a couple of miles of the treadmill or a yoga stretch or something.

One last thing: I ran my fastest pace so far. You know why? The path I took was so isolated that I ran fast for fear. It was woodsy and there was not a single soul to be seen. So even though there was daylight, I didn’t feel safe.  I won’t do that route alone again. It’s not enjoyable when you’re turning around and scanning constantly for danger signs.  Granted I live in a pretty safe suburban area, but all it takes is that one time, one bad person… so I hope everyone practices safe running habits!