How I was inspired…

Who would have thought that I of all people would start a blog! I’ll do an intro later, but right now I want to explain what prompted this venture into the blog world. I’m reading a blog by a mom I know and she has an entry who’s title I’ve stolen… inspired by a 10,000 Maniac song. She talks about how she started her blog because these are the days she wants to remember. She wants to remember the small, silly, mundane things… that will probably fade in time, that will not have been captured by pictures and videos, that don’t have some big “milestone” date to reference back to… but are never-the-less precious and important.

Her entry really resonated with me and is what’s inspiring me to blog. My daughter is close to 2.5 years old and I’ve already forgotten countless number of these moments. I tried to keep a written diary, but let’s face it. Typing on a computer is so much easier! So, here I am… a blogger! I don’t know that anyone beside myself and my daughter will ever read these entries.

Whatever happens, I know I’ll be glad to have a way to remember these small, silly mundane incidents. I know it will give me pleasure and I hope to my daughter as well.


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