Rough beginning, but a fabulous end…

DH (Dear Husband) was running late this morning so I volunteered to drop-off DD (Dear Daughter) at my in-laws. Having been unprepared for this addition to my commute, we were running late. Late enough where I really needed to drop her off and go. Now normally this poses no problem, but not today.

Let me digress here for a moment to explain that my MIL (Mother-in-law) is her most favorite person. DH comes second and I’m firmly in third.

Today, of course, is the day that for some mysterious reason, she decides to be difficult. She doesn’t want to leave the car. She starts crying. I say to her, “Look, there’s abuella! Your most favorite person!” If anything she cries harder. So, Papa picks her up and bring her to the house. My last image of her is her crying for ME! Pitiful sobs of “Mama! Mama!” as I’m driving away. I felt literally shaken to the core.

There is truly nothing harder than leaving your child, who’s crying for you. It goes against your every motherly instinct. It makes you feel like a horrible parent. It makes you question, yet again for the 100th time, your decision to work. (To be fair to me, I have to work. Heck I live somewhere NE of USA… you figure it out!)

My one comfort was the knowledge that DD really does prefer my MIL over me. This incident was just an aberration. Perhaps the planets are not aligned today.

The fabulous end… well, DD was never a great eater. She is also a very disinterested, lazy eater. Meaning I usually wind up feeding her 90% of time. The last few days, due to a cold she ate even less and she was even more lazy. Well, tonight’s dinner time almost made me teary. She not only ate well, but she fed herself! My comment to DH? “I don’t think I’ve ever loved her more than this moment.” I tell you, it was a beautiful sight!

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