Weekend with Mommy and Soso and some sweet moments..

This weekend was all about mommy and DD due to the fact that DH had things to do. On Saturday, he had to mow the lawn and he needed about 2-3 hours. So, DD and I did our usual thing. We went shopping!

Well, first we did something sort of educational. We went to the library and took out some books, some videos and a CD that she insisted she wanted. The books are for bedtime reading. Mommy needed some new books.. yes mommy. DD can read something about 20 times before getting bored. I have tolerance for about 5 readings before I start losing it.

The videos are in preparation for the week. Since this is DH’s busy season, I use the videos to give myself opportunity to prepare and cook dinner. I never thought I would be a video parent… but thank goodness for videos! Otherwise, there would be a lot more take-outs going on at our house. As it is, I’m doing a lot of dinner prep the night before.

Back to the shopping spree… actually we really didn’t spend any money. We almost went the entire trip, spending about dollar on the parking meter. This after having visited a toy store! Then we went to the bookstore…. and what does she see? Stuffed kitties. S has been expressing an interest in acquiring a kitty for a couple days. She’s even said “meow” for about good 10- 15 minutes at a time. She’s really fascinated with these stuffed kitties. But, when I ask her if she wants me to buy one for her, she’s indecisive. So, I decide she doesn’t really want one and we start to walk away. Well, mommy was wrong. DD starts sobbing “Kitty! Kitty!”

Today, DD is the proud owner of a black and white stuffed kitty, sometimes named Kitty, sometimes She and sometimes Rosita. *Shrug* Don’t ask me where the latter two came from.
Kitty/She/Rosita has been everywhere with us this weekend. She has, *gasp*, replaced Baby Pooh as the bedtime lovey.

Sweet moments…

  • when she just gave me the biggest hug where she actually squeezed me tight
  • when we were at church and she wanted me to hold her instead of her daddy
  • when we were out walking today with the wagon and there was this sprinkler in our way and while I was trying to figure out what to do, it started sprinkling on us so, we dashed across, but still got wet and S just burst into laughter
  • when on the same walk, she heard the ice cream truck and turned the biggest eyes on me so I got her a Strawberry Shortcake one and she looked so happy munching away on her ice cream…. and then she offered me a bite!
  • when she wanted some yogurt I was having, she expressed her desire to have some by saying “Sharing is caring” (DH had been using that phrase to teach her about sharing, but it was more for her to learn how to share)

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