My sick babies…

DD has been sick all week. It started on Sunday when she woke up in middle of the night and threw up. She seemed OK in the morning, but we decided to play it safe and bring her to Abuela’s house. She was OK all day, so I decided to bring her to daycare (DC) the next day. Well, around 11 PM, she threw up again. This time, she was also running a temperature. So, since DH was staying home (he’s sick too), DD stayed home with him.

Well, Tuesday morning, DH’s said, “Please come home early. I am in no shape to take care of her all day.” OK. That’s fine. He really is sick and he had to go to work that night for “Back to School”. I talked to him right before 12 and asked him if he really needed me home before 1PM . He confirmed that although DD was taking a nap, that I did indeed need to come home. I finished up my work fast and rushed home to…. DD still napping peacefully. DH about ready to take a nap himself.

I am home now with both my babies napping. So, um, why did I rush home?

Anyway, let’s talk about DD’s mysterious illness. If it weren’t for the fact that she actually threw up 2x and has been running a temperature, I would have thought that this was all a clever ploy to sleep with us. She has been consistently waking up around to throw up/gag. But the rest of the day, she’s been in pretty good spirits, eating well and not throwing up or gagging.

This morning, however, she cried and complained about her mouth hurting. May be strep? I guess I need to bring her to the doctor. I just hate going there, only to have the DR tell me that it’s viral and nothing can be done about it. *SIGH*

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