So much for blogging…

I can’t believe it has been a month since I last blogged. I blanch at the thought of all those wonderful memories I’ve failed to capture, now forever gone from my foggy memory.

Seriously, it has been a crazy month. I think this blog is going to evolve into a journal for me, and not necessarily for me and DD. I still haven’t gone public with my blog, but I may as a way to stay in touch with my friends.

In the very recent past, I used to stay in touch with my friends via email, IM and my friend’s blogs. Well, I just started a new job. In fact I just finished my first week. On Tuesday, I got the biggest shock of my life when I found out that my new job blocks about 99% of all websites. I can’t even access outside email sites like Hotmail or Yahoo mail. I didn’t realize the full extent of my dependence on the Internet (and not just for staying in touch) during business hours until it was pretty much cut off.

I’ll admit that there have been times, when I’ve spent too much time on the Internet. But a lot of times, it really is a minute here and there or when I’m waiting for something to finish running or while eating lunch at my desk.

I’m an analyst by profession. I won’t get into the specifics of what I analyze, but I tend to look at big spreadsheets full of numbers. Anyway, what I do can be tedious or just plain mind numbing. So, it really helped to be able to hop on the Internet for a few minutes to get a mental break. It helped to focus my eyes on something besides 20,000 rows of data.

I’m also a mother and a household manager (yeah yeah). It helped enormously to be able to hop on and pay my bills, order stuff for the house, research the stores to see which store had what, look for the latest toy, do price comparison… the list goes on.

Right, so now it does look like I used to spend all my time on the internet. LOL. Seriously, these things could be fit in between work, during those mini breaks, during lunch time, etc.

Well, now I’m scrambling to fit all these thing in may be the 30 minutes I have at night. The reality is that I don’t always have the 30 minutes, or I need to sacrifice sleep in order to get the time. The other day, I was up until midnight trying to catch up on all the various things that I used to fit in through out the day and through the work week.

Anyway, on Tuesday, I was almost in tears. I think the fact that I was at a new job, where I didn’t know anyone and missing my co-workers put me over the edge. I told DH that I needed to increase my cell phone minutes or get a Blackberry. He was amenable to the increase in cell minutes.

There are a couple of people I’m used to emailing every day. Well, now I’m talking to them every day. The bad thing about talking… well, it isn’t free. It also takes longer. The beauty about email is that you can just do a couple of lines. It take few seconds and you can take your time answering back. Ah well… may be for next Xmas I’ll be able to get the Blackberry. Back to the negatives of actually talking… cell phone connections just aren’t as great. Talking while driving can be distracting (BTW, I’m doing these calls either driving to or from work). Also, talking (at least for me) increases the desire to talk more. So, although I’ve increased my minutes to 450, I have a feeling those will go quickly.

Well, now I’m face with the dilemma of “should I continue to write or should I go to bed?” We are actually gaining an hour tomorrow, but I think I’ll go to bed anyway.

Hope I write before another month has gone by. I haven’t even gotten to any cute/funny DD moments!!!


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