She’s growing up!

DD’s daycare teacher told us that she was staying dry for the most part and that she was ready for underwear. So, DH goes to Target to buy our daughter’s first set of underwear. Somehow I thought that would be me. Anyway, I get a phone call at work:

DH: “They have briefs or hip huggers. What should I get?”

Me: “Get her hip huggers so she can be like me!”

DH: “I’m getting the briefs”

So much for asking for my advice! The conversation continued where he couldn’t believe he was buying underwear for his baby. I think he almost started crying.

That night we wash them so she could start wearing them right away. As soon as I saw them, I thought of a problem. Sometimes, my husband can’t tell the difference between my shirts and DD’s shirts. LOL. Seriously, he can’t tell from size 3T and Women’s XS or S. So, you see the problem? When I pointed this out to him, he tells me that he’s already thought of this and that he just won’t be able to put away the laundry, especially as she gets older. Can you feel my eyes rolling?


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