Christmas and New Year

This was DD’s 3rd Christmas, but the first where she really grasped some of the more fun concepts, the tree, the decorations, and of course the gifts. It made Christmas more exciting for me and for DH… well, he got to live out his childhood memories.

I think, no I KNOW that DH was more excited about leaving out the cookie and a glass of milk for Santa than DD. After all, she’s only beginning to learn about all these Christmas traditions.

Personally, not having grown up with Santa, I found all of this a little bit silly. For example, I walked downstairs on Christmas morning to see that the fireplace screen and the poinsettia plants placed in front of it have been moved. It took me a moment to realize that this was done on purpose, to create the illusion that Santa had come down the chimney. I found this hilarious because I seriously doubted that DD would even notice (and she didn’t!)

Nevertheless, I’ll admit to being charmed when later on DD told me that she knew Santa came because he ate the cookie and drank the milk.

Now the year is over and today’s New Year’s Eve. 2007 is here and with it DD’s 4th Christmas. OK, it is a good 360 some odd days away. But how much more exciting will next year’s be? How much more exciting will next year be, period. So many new discoveries still await her and us.

But for now, with DD’s 3rd birthday only three short months away, here’s a brief on where she’s at… She’s almost fully potty-trained. She wears underwear(!) full time except at night. Her vocabulary has exploded. Today she asked, “Can you help me take off my pullover?” Or while we are driving around at night, she exclaims, “Look at all the decorations!” For some reason, this just sounds so grown up to me. She’s in 3T pants and 4T shirts. She just got a new pair of boots in 7.5. She’s been singing for awhile, but picks up the words to new songs better than I. She’s got a great imagination. She’s got a taller and slimmer body, but retains the round belly. And when I catch her at the right angle, she still has that face from baby hood that I want to cling to so desperately. She loves to “read” and loves watching her videos. She saw her first movie in a theater with her Uncle, Zizi and Cousin D the other day. It was Happy Feet. I heard that she sat on Uncle’s lap and didn’t make a fuss. She eats a typical toddler diet, but will also eat tofu and loves olives. She’s very commanding and wants do everything herself and yet she has to be held pretty much the entire Mass every single Sunday. She’s starting to give up her nap. In fact she’s in bed early tonight because she refused to nap in the afternoon and fell asleep on the couch.

As I watched her sleeping, her cheeks flush pink, I thought, in spite of all the ups and downs, this was a very good year and I look forward to the challenges of next year.

Happy New Year!


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