Nightstand or night stand?

I am constantly reviewing my blog for spelling mistakes. I’ve given up on grammar, but I try to still be vigilant about spelling. So, I’m looking at my link headers and realized that “nightstand” didn’t look right. But “night stand” also didn’t look right. I’m pretty sure I used to know, but these days, I need to resort to a dictionary. And yes, I looked up “vigilant”.

They say that our brain cells start dying the minute we are born. I think the process gets accelerated after giving birth. Or perhaps it is just because I am older. In any case, it is amazing and scary how much I have forgotten. I would feel better if these were difficult words, but even the spelling of every day words are slipping from my memory. What will I be like in another 5 – 10 years when DD’s asking me to help with spelling? At this rate, I’ll be completely useless! Let’s not even talk about basic math skills. I rely way too much on my calculator and Excel spreadsheets.

Of course I don’t remember my own parents helping me with homework much and I did alright. Well, hopefully DH will be of more help. After all, he is a teacher!


One thought on “Nightstand or night stand?

  1. LOL! I usually type my posts in Word first, then paste. I still have misspelled words and bad grammar. It drives me crazy.

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