We have spent the past few weekends watching football playoff games. We started watching because our team was still in the running. I prepared appropriate appetizers for DH, little pigs-in-the-blanket, veggies with dip, cheese and crackers, homemade salsa.

The first weekend was our team, the Giants (well, now you know where in NE of US I am) in a wild card game. We sat in the living room, eating our snacks, occasionally shouting at the TV (Giants winded up losing) with DD asking, “What’s the matter with Daddy?” At the end of the night, we taught DD to say, “Go Giants!” DH is so proud.

Since we have been watching football for the past three weeks, we have also been eating the appetizers for dinner. As a result DD has labeled them “football food” and she munches away happily while shouting “Go Giants!” regardless of the actual teams on the field.

She loves the little pigs-in-the-blanket. She loves helping me make them. She also loves the chips and salsa. Actually, she enjoys dipping her chips in the salsa, but as she stated last night, “I don’t like the vegetables, I just like the juice!”

Boy is she going to be disappointed when Super Bowls is over in two weeks. But boy, will I be glad to no longer be eating all this junk for dinner on Sundays! I don’t think my body can take much more of little piggies.


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