The reign is over

For almost three weeks, DD had been showing a decided preference for Mommy. While there were times when this seemed like a mixed blessing (like when she wanted ME to hold her during the entire Mass) for the most part, I reveled in it unabashedly. To DH’s chagrin, I was almost gleeful about it and to his credit he did not begrudge me one minute of it. I guess he knew it wouldn’t last.

Well, the mommy reign is over. She is back to wanting DH for every little thing. I know I’m not helping myself by being less patient with her. It is hard to be patient with someone who’s constantly pushing you away and rejecting you. It was so much easier to be patient when that someone was crying for you and reaching out for you.

Normally, DH and I take turns putting DD to bed. For the past four nights, she’s wanted only Daddy. She doesn’t just get sad, she cries piteously when he walks away. She crawls off the bed and chases after him. Last night was supposed to be my turn, but she wanted nothing to do with me. By the time she offered an olive branch by offering to let both us read to her, I got so fed up, I left. I didn’t even kiss her goodnight.

I’m supposed to be the grownup and to reject her as she’s rejected me is, to say the least, childish. I’m not proud of my behavior. I know I need to develop a thicker skin and to prevent my own fragile sensibilities from overtaking my good senses. After all, as DD would say, “We’re girls!” and we have a lot more of mother/daughter clashes to look forward to. Gosh, I blanch at the thought of teen years.


3 thoughts on “The reign is over

  1. Oh honey! Don’t push her away. Even at this age. She needs you more than you realize. And when she is 30, she’ll realize it.


  2. Your post made me cry! I know it is hard when they reject you. I know that you know she doesn’t mean it as a personal attack, but I also know it’s so hard not to take it that way. It may be that she’ll always be daddy’s little girl, but I promise this phase will pass. Please, don’t push her away… she needs you even if she doesn’t act like it. (((hugs)))

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