Admonished by a toddler – WARNING – poop mentioned

DD has been doing well with PT (potty training). She has stayed dry for almost a month now. In the beginning (thanks to a suggestion from a fellow mommy), we used a timer. Every two hours, it would ring and she would go potty. Now she will even tell us when she needs to potty.

This has been working well with pee, but not with poop. For some reason, when she needs to poop, she’ll tell me after she’s already started the process. Do I even need to explain why this is a maddening and exasperating habit? I do not enjoy washing underwear with poop.

So, last night, she did it again and I snapped at her. “DD! Why can’t you tell me earlier???” To her credit, she took it well. She did not cry. She finished her business and actually let me clean her up without the usual fuss. I was so impressed that I praised her for being good and for standing still while I cleaned her. Her response? She calmly said, “Next time Mommy, you don’t have to yell at me.”

Can you imagine my chagrin? LOL, admonished by a toddler. I am humbled.


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