Hope and positive attitude

I have a friend who told me yesterday:

“You’re killing me with this positive attitude thing!!!!!”

This is in reference to some things that she’s going through. I told her that she had to keep hope alive, because what else is left when the chips are down? And if she couldn’t keep it going, I will with my positive attitude.

Well, DH and I decided to try one more time. I have my own set of hopes that I need to keep alive. I have actually been very optimistic about this cycle, incredibly optimistic. I was reaching near Pollyanna level of positivity.

Unfortunately, it is not in my nature to be so optimistic. I tend to be a realist. Yesterday we had a setback and positive attitude took a free fall. The one bad thing about such high level of positivity is that the fall is that much greater. It was such a deep dive that I didn’t think I would recover. The good thing about hope? It is hard to kill.

I still have hope. It is weak, but it is there and as long as it is there, I can work on the positive attitude. But I may need some help while I refuel.

Today’s goal… nothing but positive thoughts. About my job, about my cold, about DD, about this cycle, about my life in general. No negative thoughts allowed!


2 thoughts on “Hope and positive attitude

  1. I believe in the power of positive, if only for the nice feeling it forces upon you.
    I am sorry for any dive of the optimism, those are extra hard.

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