Poop alert

We are on a poop alert. Did you know there was such a thing? Well there is, at least at my house. It all started when DD stopped getting BM (breast milk). It got worse as she switched exclusively to solid food. Back in those days, a little prune juice or half a container of baby prunes would do the trick. Back in those days, the alert lasted 2-3 days and then we would have some regularity for awhile. Currently, we seem to be on a never ending poop alert. As soon as she poops, it’s marked on a calendar (really) and the watch begins again. This is because she’s pooping like every 5-6 days and having an extremely painful (and painful to watch) time of it.

So, we monitor what she eats. We give her daily dose of prune juice. We try to sneak in vegetables, hidden inside pastas. We try to give her apples with peels. We’ve even sacrificed and bought brown rice. And as each new day passes without poop, we strategize harder. We increase dosage of juice and prunes. We’ll even resort to giving her popcorn because DH had read somewhere that popcorn helps.

It is truly amazing how DD’s poop situation can take up a whole dinner conversation and become the focal point of worry as the end of the day draws near… without poop. Amazing how the week’s dinner menu is now based upon fiber content criteria. Amazing how we literally jump for joy when it finally comes. These are the things no one tells you about parenthood. Or perhaps we are just the weird ones.

Anyway, I came home today to the joyful news that she finally pooped (day 6). We celebrate briefly, knowing that the alert isn’t over. The countdown begins again.


5 thoughts on “Poop alert

  1. You made me LOL, but you are not weird. The Babe went through this,too, but I don’t think quite as bad… but I do remember being really excited about the poop. : )

  2. There are so many struggles that we don’t know about until after we have children. This issue is very common. I really hope her bowels get moving for you!

  3. It is amazing how the conversations change when we have babies. I still normally inquire whether there has been any “activity” while at Grandmas during the day. Who knew so much would revolve around poop.

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