The ‘Y’ dilemma

This week, DD’s class is learning the letter ‘Y’. She has to bring an item starting with the letter ‘Y’ for show and tell. We couldn’t think of too many items, except for a yo-yo, that we didn’t have, a yak with a Yolanda on his back that we also didn’t have and didn’t know where to get and a yogurt container, which we do have, but didn’t want to bring in a full container that would be sitting out in the warm room. Then I found the plastic Yankee cap. Perfect!

Except that DH hates the Yankees.

So, he grumbles, “I can’t believe this is how she’s going to learn the letter ‘Y’!” I told him that he had an option. He could eat the yogurt and clean out the container or better yet, empty it out into another container. He did not choose this option.

Boy is he going to regret his decision. Guess what I taught DD this morning on our way to daycare? “Go Yankees, Go!”



4 thoughts on “The ‘Y’ dilemma

  1. LOL, sorry, but I’m on your dh’s side. Yogurt is better than the evil empire, and shame on him for not cleaning out that container!

    Red Sox rule!!!!

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