Tricky English

Having learned English at a young age, I never really thought about what a confusing language it could be. It has recently occurred to me that English can be tricky and confusing. Here is an example of toddler logic at work while trying to master the language:

When we drive to Casa Abuela, we take the highway first and then local roads.

DD: We’re on the highway!

Five minutes later…

DD: We’re on the low-way!

Sure, why not? It sounds logical to her.

Here’s another example. We say, “… is yours” so, she automatically says, “… is mines”.

And then there are all the words that sound the same, but have different meaning! I could tell she was confused when we explained that the plastic pointy thing that she hammers on her workbench is a nail. She points to her finger, “This is a nail.” She points the plastic thingy, “This is a nail?” Poor kid, I guess she’ll eventually figure it out.


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