There are things that we do to distract DD when she’s about to get upset. They are desperate attempts to stem the oncoming tears, the sobbing that’s about to break loose and create a literal puddle of tears on the floor.

Sometimes, I’ll gasp and point to something out the window, “Look a bunny rabbit! Oh, wow, is that an airplane?” DH has successfully tried mimicking her tears, exaggerating them to a comic affect and get her laughing instead of crying. I have even resorted to bribing, “Don’t cry. I’ll give you a treat, OK?”

On a recent attempt, I said to DD, “Hey, I have a secret. Can I tell you a secret?” She paused in mid sob and nodded her head. I said, “OK, but I need to whisper it in your ears.” She bent her ears to me. I had no idea what the secret was and in that instant came up with, “My secret is that I love you. And now you have to hold it inside your heart and keep it safe.”

She was charmed and tears were averted. She liked this new game. So, of course, she had to tell me her secret. She told DH her secret. I wonder who else she told her secret to and what they thought of it.

Last night, she asked me to tell her a secret. I whispered, “I love you.” Then she asked me to tell her the bit about the heart. She likes the part about the heart. She repeated after me and looked so content. I will hold that look and that moment inside my heart and keep it safe.


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