There are times when I want to share a particular blog entry wtih DH. I think the story is cute or may be I like the way it was written. So, I’ll ask him to read an entry. He’ll comment and say something like, “Yeah, it was cute.” Being a girl who wants a little more affirmation, I’ll dig a little more.

Me: “Well, what did you think? How was the writing style?”
DH: “The grammar was a bit off.”
Me: “Forget about the grammar. I mean the style.”
DH: “Well, it was easy to read.”
Me: “And?”
DH: “It’s hard for me to be objective … a lot of times, I know the story and I feel like you’re revising it and writing it not quite the way it happened.”

OK, I’ll admit that I don’t write things word for word. If I did, the entries would be a lot longer and more tedious. And sure, I have my own perception of how events happened, but don’t we all?

I told him to go write his own damned blog. And I’m sure in his blog, his version of last night’s conversation would be completely different.

LOL, this reminds me of a Raymond episode where Raymond and Deborah get into an argument. They tell their respective sides and the two versions are so hilariously different… anyway, at least I’m smiling now. 🙂


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