Thank you DLS

Daylight Savings started early this year. I don’t know the pros and cons nor the full ramification of this decision for the rest of the world, but for me it has been fabulous. All three days of it.

It helps, too that it has been sunny and warm. Yesterday it went up to 60’s! I probably wouldn’t be as excited about DLS if the temperature was in the 20’s, LOL.

Thanks to DLS, DD and I were able to play outside after 5PM yesterday. We couldn’t have done that last week, even if the weather was nice. DH didn’t get home until after 6PM, but I was still able to go jogging and see where I was running. Fabulous!

A friend wrote about how the first truly sunny day lifts her spirit like no Zoloft could. She’s so right. The first sunny, warm day truly makes me feel so happy. I feel renewed and energized. Being able to still enjoy it after work makes me feel positively giddy.

I’m getting ready to shed my old skin. I’m itching to breakout in light clothes and put away the heavy winter stuff. I’m thinking about when to get my first pedicure for the year in preparation for wearing sandals. I want to shout out, “Yay! Spring is coming!!!!”

Really, they should figure out a way to bottle this sensation.


4 thoughts on “Thank you DLS

  1. OMG, I would *so* buy a bottle (or seven) of Spring Fever if they could figure out a way to sell it… no matter the price! Hooray for Spring!

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