Saturday, March 24th was DD’s 3rd birthday. We had planned a small party with a few friends and their children. DD had already picked out her theme. She wanted Chicken Little. Easter was around the corner. Perfect, we’ll marry the two, get Chicken Little party goods and do Easter themed activities like Egg Hunt, Egg foam craft, and cupcake decorating with jelly beans, sprinkles, and bunny marshmallows. It all seemed pretty manageable. I didn’t count for my type-A personality.

Well, two orders through an online party goods store, multiple shopping trips to a variety of stores, including all three of the major local craft stores, a lot of agonizing finally resulted in “perfect” activities and party favors for all the children. Of course, I now had to do a return in all these stores.

Another unfortunate byproduct of my activities and favor obsession was that I had no energy or time left to focus on the food. The kids were easy. Chicken nuggets, pigs-in-the-blanket, crackers, cheese, I knew they would happily much away on any one of those. But the adults! I had no idea what to serve the adults! I went into Costco’s on the morning of the party, still clueless and hoping to be inspired. Well, inspiration struck in form of the various food samples and no adults starved.

In retrospect, I probably could have saved some money by buying a little less food or skipping an activity. Did the kids really need all the chocolates in the eggs AND a bag full of candy from the piñata? I certainly would have saved my sanity (the multiple craft store shopping nightmare and subsequent returns) by not having foam craft, period. They had fun with it, but they also had more fun just running in and out of our closets, drawing on the easel with the huge packet of markers I stupidly left out (stupidly because every single markers had to be uncapped, used and tossed around every which way), dancing to music, and climbing on one good natured daddy (seriously, about 9 kids ages ranging from 2-7). I certainly could have served the adults the same food as the kids. After all, who doesn’t like chicken nuggets?

Well, some things, you only learn through experience, especially with my type-A personality. I think my next party will be much better planned and more importantly, I’ll be more relaxed about it.

In spite of all the stress I went through planning this party, I did have some fun. We had a mommy and daughter bonding moment putting together the favor bags and decorating the house. It was also so much fun watching and anticipating her excitement about the party. In the end, it was worth it all just to see the pure unadulterated joy on her face as she ran around with the other children, hunting for the eggs, playing hide and seek, decorating the cupcake and licking the icing and the biggest and brightest smile as we all sang “Happy Birthday” to her.


4 thoughts on “Party

  1. It sounds like a great party! Next time you’ll do things differently, but that will be true of every party you throw. This post made me smile. : )

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