Snow in April

And apparently, not just where I live. It was kind of cool and freaky all at the same time. It would come swirling down and would have look really pretty in December. But then the sun would come out and seeing snow flurries on a sunny “spring” day is just weird. This happened through out the day.

When DD and I got home, we bundled up and she had fun running around trying to “catch” the snow. She looked so cute bundled up in one of my scarves.

I really have to remember to take pictures of these moments. I’ve gotten so bad at taking pictures.
1st year – over 500 pictures
2nd year – maybe 300 – 400
3rd year – so far, only a dozen b-day pictures that didn’t come out well.


3 thoughts on “Snow in April

  1. You know… I’m really bad at the camera, too. There are thousands of pictures of The Babe early on, and then they just sort of taper off. The Boy will think we didn’t love him, LOL.

  2. Buy an $800 camera and you’ll feel so guilty about it that you’ll take hundreds of pictures of everything. (it’s the digital rebel, btw, and I love it)

    we’re getting 6-10 on Thursday, how about you? I need spring to be here soon….

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