Changes are good they say. I’m sure “they” are correct. I’m sure at some point I will agree, but I am not ready for some of these changes yet.

We started a bedtime routine when DD was about one. The last part of my routine with DD was that I held her in my arms and sang a lullaby. I did that for almost 2 years. The song changed during this past Christmas season when she wanted Jingle Bells, White Christmas and Silent Night. I didn’t mind because I loved those songs, too. Well, now DD tells me, “Don’t sing mommy.” I thought at first that it was a phase, but it has lasted a few weeks now.

It makes me sad that she no longer wants this as part of our routine. It makes me sad because I feel like this is only the beginning. I probably have a few more years left, but at some point she will no longer want to be read to and no longer want to be tucked in. She is starting to not need the comfort of me saying “Call for me if you need me” as I say goodnight. Now occasionally she’ll tell me, “I’ll call for you if I need you.”

I guess I’m feeling sad because it seems like DD is changing all the time. Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint the change and put it into words. The last few days, she has been whiny and difficult again. But yesterday she emerged from this short phase cuter than ever. DH doesn’t see it, but I can sense a difference. She is putting more complex sentences together. She is verbalizing her feelings better. She is enunciating her words better.

Some changes are good. DD has been potty trained for awhile now, but pooping in the potty has been a challenge. She never seems to tell us until she’s already started the process and then it is a race to the potty before the poop hits the panties. Yesterday, she went to the potty before she started, ALL BY HERSELF! We didn’t even realize until she called to us.

Yesterday, she also let us know that she can read four letters! D, O, S and Z. D for Daddy. I must work on M now, lol.

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