Embarrassing – TMI

Yesterday, I’m in the bathroom doing my business and DD’s in there with me. Please tell me that I’m not alone in this. Help me out here, ladies so that the one reader I may have who is not a parent doesn’t think I’m a complete freak. As a parent, you lose all privacy, right?

Anyway, DD has this look on her face that tells me that she needs to poop. So, now she’s sitting on her potty, pooping and it turns out peeing.

Fast forward to dinner time. My in-laws have come over to babysit DD while I go to my running class. FIL asks his usual questions, “How’s my baby? Did you poop today?” (DD and pooping has become a family issue) And DD’s response? “Yes, I pooped and pee-peed. Mommy pooped and pee-peed, too!”

So, while I just wanted to die, thankfully my in-laws took it well and laughed like DD had said the funniest thing in the world.

What horrifies me is the absolute faith that I have that this is only the beginning of embarrassing revelations by DD. Heaven help me if the revelations are to perfect strangers.


5 thoughts on “Embarrassing – TMI

  1. You are not alone, at all, ever – even in the privacy of your own bathroom. This is a fact of motherhood that they fail to mention when signing onto this parenting gig.

  2. OMG. Not only are they in there with me (well, not so much The Babe anymore….) but I get comments. “Mommy, your poop is yuck” I know… TMI. I always feel like saying “yes, but at least I wipe my own bottom” geez…. nope. No privacy whatsoever.

  3. No privacy at all. Little One got a lesson in menstration this week. Joy! So far she has not repeated anything she learned.

    And yes, this is the begining.

  4. Yep- DD is always in there with me. She knocks before coming in and tells me I need privacy so she shuts the door as she enters.
    Mary O

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