Lost and other things

WTH with the ending?
I’m so seriously not happy with how it ended. I sometimes wonder why I watch this show. Did anyone else cry at the final scene with Desmond and Charlie? Characters I would have much rather seen dead at the end of the show: Ben, John, Ben and Jack… yes JACK. I find him so annoying. But his annoyance is nothing compared to John’s and Ben is just pure evil.

I was also not happy with Heroes’ ending.

I was OK with Ohno winning and I lost all interest in Idols when Melinda got booted last week. I some how missed House this week or may be there wasn’t one? Was there a finale?

Moving on to better things, what does it say about me that I’m totally excited about…..

Transformers – the movie.

Yes, you read that right. Well, hey it was part of my childhood and if you like this sort of thing, the preview looks really cool.

So, again what does it say about me that on my summer movie list are:

Spiderman 3
Harry Potter
Fantastic Four
Ocean’s 13
The Bourne Ultimatum

Any thoughts? What’s on your summer movie list?

One thought on “Lost and other things

  1. Yes you are a freak for wanting to see Transformers.

    I’d most like to see Jack and Kate die. Both very annoying lately. Actually if they spent half the show on Aaron the baby and the other half on Sawyer, I’d be a happy girl.

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