Innocent acceptance

I am learning that with parenthood comes great responsibility in the kind of information we disseminate to our little ones. Their innocent acceptance of our explanations makes it easy to be inventive, especially in these days of constant “Whys?” But I am learning that my casual answers are being recorded by my little one and being regurgitated back to me, weeks and sometimes months later. So, being the responsible person that I am, I try to stick to answers that seem logical and plausible.

One day, DD had to bring a soft animal to school. Of course she chose her favorite, Kitty, but because I was scared of Kitty being lost, I offered up another option, Sick Monkey. When she asked why, I carefully explained that monkeys are very clever and that if Sick Monkey got lost, he could find his way home. She accepted and there was no argument.

So, today, when she had to bring another soft animal, she chose Care Bear. I had forgotten about my explanation from before. As we were driving to school, she asked, “Care Bear knows how to find her way home, right? Like Sick Monkey?” “But not Kitty, right?” Thankfully, I didn’t have to come up with why Care Bear could find her way home.

As you were reading this, you may have paused a second at the name “Sick Monkey”. How that name came to be, is another example of this absolute acceptance and remembrance. Sick Monkey used to be a regular monkey that made monkey noises. But as the battery wore out, it started to make soft whiny noises. When she asked why, I told her that the monkey was getting sick because the battery was dying. Well, to this day, she’ll say, “My poor Sick Monkey. He doesn’t make noise anymore, but he’ll get better when he gets a new battery, right?”

Oh my goodness as I’m writing this, I vaguely remember telling DD that we would need to perform an operation to try and replace the batteries. She hasn’t pulled that one out of her memories yet, but when she does, I hope there is a battery inside that can be replaced!


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