I broke down

and bought a pair of Crocs for DD. In my defense, I had a coupon for $5 so I got them for $25. Also, considering that her normal Stride Rite shoes normally go for $45 – $50, I think the Crocs are a bargain. So there!

Apparently the “hot” color is the Hot Pink and of course that is the color DD wanted and the color they didn’t have. Luckily DH was able to persuade her that lavender is also her favorite color.

I wasn’t sure that DH would approve of Crocs. He is all about secure shoes, with secure straps, good treads and toe coverage. Well, the Crocs met the toe coverage requirement, but even a size down from her normal size seemed kind of loose. But she demonstrated in the store that she could run without the shoes coming off and has been happily running in them ever since.

Now apparently DH wants a pair… of course in boring navy blue and not the orange that DD suggested.


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