I think I really need to start taking pictures and posting them here. Sometimes words just don’t convey enough and a visual is needed to go with them. For example, the outfit DH put DD in this morning. Just picture powder blue pants with hot pink shirt with purple lettering.

Also, pictures showing the gifts that people thought were appropriate gifts to a 3 year old. Picture a navy blue electric guitar with one those amplifier. My brother thought it would be a cool gift and also would make her the coolest kid in her class. Have I mentioned that she’s 3 years old?

Also picture DD playing with a small model of a human skeleton that DH’s retiring department head gave to her. This has actually been more of a hit than the guitar. All the joints move and the various bones pop off to her everlasting amusement. She has named it “Mr. Skeleton”. (Have you noted yet that we are not very creative in the naming department?)

Actually for this one, a video would have been more appropriate. So, now picture DD playing with Mr. Skeleton and DH saying things like, “And that’s the scapula! (shoulder bone for those of us who do not remember from our A&P class eons ago…)” or applauding wildly when she remembered that the human hand has 27 bones! This is the man who will substitute difficult words in toddler books for words that are “easier and familiar” to DD.

I have already accepted the fact that DH and I are geeks, but I envisioned a cooler and hipper life for DD. Oh wait, that will come when she learns the electric guitar… thank goodness there’s still hope.


4 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. LOL! The scapula! I am just LOL. And don’t worry about creative. Our animals and toys have very creative names *now*, but back when The Babe was about DDs age, everyone was “brown bear, yellow bear, pink bear, rainbow bear…”

  2. You’ve got to love outside influences, that you have no control over LOL. They are both kinda fun and unique though.

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