Random bits and pieces not at all tied together

My father-in-law turned 75 on Memorial Day. We had a party for him at a local restaurant on Saturday. It was mostly a family affair, but a few of his friends came and my brother-in-law’s in-laws (LOL) came up from Maryland. I have to admit that it was a pretty good party, good food and good company. I’m pretty sure that my FIL enjoyed himself. It was nice to see the family get-together to celebrate this milestone.

On Sunday, Father’s Day, I had the immediate family (my parents, DH’s parents, BIL’s family and his in-laws) over for brunch. It was a last-minute thing, but breakfast is pretty easy to prepare and thank goodness for ready made bacon! Those were totally a hit!

While I was alone in the kitchen cleaning, I kept hearing a hammering sound. At first, I thought it was the AC making strange noises. When I looked out the window, I saw a bird pecking away on our wooden stair railing. I think I saw my first woodpecker! Sure enough, there are two holes now on our railing. I have to admit, I thought woodpeckers would look more like Woody Woodpecker. LOL.

Have I written about my recent moment of hysteria? I know all the MMs have been looking more and more grownup lately. Well, DD looked particularly old one day. She looked so big and like such a girl! So, I went a little hysterical and shouted at her, “Where is my baby? Stop growing!!!” DD calmly answers while looking at me like I’m demented, “I have to Mommy.”

Speaking of growing up, last night, DD made her first attempt at telling a joke! I don’t know where she learned it from! So, out of the blue, she said, “Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because it wasn’t peeling well!” Hilarious!

Unfortunately, she didn’t like us laughing out loud. She actually started crying and insisting that the joke wasn’t funny. I don’t know why sometimes she thinks that our laughter is directed at her and I don’t know what to do about it.

Also… I may have found some running partners. I probably haven’t mentioned that I’ve been taking a running class. The class is over, but I met one girl who in interested in continuing to meet once a week to run. THEN, at the party, one of DH’s cousin mentioned doing the 4th of July race at my town. We started talking, and he’s also interested in trying to meet up once a week as well. It really helps to have someone run with you. Plus, I’ll actually know people at the races. I was waffling about the the 4th run but now I know that at least two cousins are running it! I’m going to persuade them to run a 5K later in the month as well. Yay!


6 thoughts on “Random bits and pieces not at all tied together

  1. Raegan has been working on her Knock-Knock jokes for a few months. Too cute. Poor DD though. I wish she didn’t think you were laughing at her, because the jokes are adorable.

    I’m glad you found running partners. I know it’s nice to have company.

  2. LOL, great joke!!
    Sounds like a very nice weekend. I so wish I could pop out east for the big gathering of mm’s.
    I thought you would find it amusing to know that the Old Navy here still has your dress in stock, LOL. Must be an Alaska thing.

  3. I love her first joke! How cute!

    Taia also tells us, “don’t laugh at me.” and cries sometimes when people laugh at something she says or does.

  4. I love the joke! But I hope DD gets over thinking you are laughing *at* her… how sad.

    I am glad you have some running partners… it’s so motivating!

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