I ran a 4 mile race in my town over 4th of July and I finished in 39.08!!!!! This is my 3rd race and this is the fastest time for me. I’m so happy and impressed with myself. I have been sick for the past two weeks and haven’t been able to run at all. I went into the race with three cough drops and a bunch of tissues wadded up in the very tiny pocket of my running shorts. I ran through the cough drops, but didn’t have to resort to the tissues at all. And I finished 39.08!!!!!

OK, if you are a runner at all, you may smirk at my time. It really isn’t all that fast, but I’m not a fast runner. My pace tends to be about a 10 minute mile. So, to be under 40 minutes and to be so close to 39 minutes is so huge for me. Of course, now the competitive side of me will be hoping to do better at my next race in three weeks. That’s only a 5K and now I’ll be hoping to finish in 29 minutes. I’ll keep you all posted!

By the way, there are actually pictures on the web of me at the finish line. I would post a link, but I don’t look all that great in these pictures. And for some reason, when I stepped on the finish mat, I put my hands up and looked totally dorky!


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