Did you know that lack of sleep…

…exacerbates your emotional distress?  Boy, I’m just full of epiphanies this week.

I haven’t been sleeping well these past few weeks, but this week hit a new low when I started waking up at 3:15.  Well, this morning it moved up to 2AM!!!  I’m suppose to run in 30 minutes and I just don’t feel well.

On a positive news front, Papa and Zizi watched S all by themselves for 4 hours.  They were well armed with a “never been openned” toy and a Barbie DVD.  On the negative side, Papa keeps confusing S with statements like, “Grandma is here” and “Grandma will make lunch for you” and “Grandma is waiting for you at the house”.  D was supposed to talk to him about that and hasn’t.  *sigh*

Well, it is 5AM… I guess since I’m awake and all, I might as well as going running now.  I just wish it wasn’t pitch dark.  Lack of sleep and lack of light may not be a good combo!


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