A voicemail I couldn’t delete

D and S left me a voicemail a week ago.  I haven’t had the heart to delete it because S sounded so cute on it.  She’s still at a point where most of phone conversation is a repetition of what an adult prompts her to say.  Anyway, she tells me that she misses me, loves, me, etc, all at DH’s prompting.  Then after the “bye” I hear her saying to D, “Mommy’s not talking back to me.”

I just thought it was so cute.  Well, the office phone system is automatically deleting this message as part of their cleanup process and I’m just so sad about it!


3 thoughts on “A voicemail I couldn’t delete

  1. There’s no way to mark it to be saved? My office will automatically delete voicemails, but if I mark it to be saved, I get 20 more days or something, and I can save as many times as I want…

    It’s so adorable! I just couldn’t part with it if I were you!

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