Sanctimonious prig…

…is not what I need first thing on Monday morning.

I just had a co-worker, randomly, go off on me about people who talk on their cell phone while driving.  She was really upset!  She couldn’t understand why people couldn’t wait until they got to their destination.  She felt like something was wrong with our society and that these people must have no lives, blah, blah, blah.

Now, I get upset with people who talk while driving and don’t pay attention to the road.  Apparently the woman who triggered all this angst was guilty of this, but seriously, to go off about people having no lives, etc was a little too much for even me to take, especially before my first cup of coffee. 

So, I told her that I do this, for about 5-10 minutes Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays with one of my friend because this is the only time we both can talk.  I explained that between her kids sleep schedule and mine, this literally is the only time we can chat.  She started going off on how people should talk to their kids and I answered back that this is after we’ve both dropped our kids off (hence the short duration of our conversation!).  Then she brought up meeting each other and I said my friend lives in Tennessee.  Then she brought up email and I said my friend is a doctor and doesn’t have time to email much.  Then she started going off on other examples and I realized I needed to walk away.

Man, I hope I don’t sound this “holier than thou” when I go off on one of my pet peeves.  I try not to damn the whole society though, just the individuals who are at fault.

Anyway, I wish I could have written something more positive or uplifting, but it is Monday after all.


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