Heart stopping moment 99

My daughter has been having stinky feet issue. We’re to blame as we’ve been putting these summer sneakers on her without socks and this girl has sweaty feet.  So, one day, I tell her that she has stinky feet and she tells me that she’s going to go wash them and walks out.  I let a minute go by, belatedly picture her falling in the tub and cracking her head open or better yet drowning in one inch of water and ran to the bathroom. 

The reality was so much more heart stopping.  She had managed to climb the bathroom sink and precariously perch herself to wash her feet.  As I walked in, she was lifting one of her foot to bring it closer to the spout and I rushed in to prevent her from toppling backward.  Now she may not have toppled backwards, but thank goodness I thought to check on her, however belatedly.


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