Conversations I’m not ready for…

And yet again, another friend’s entry prompting an entry of my own about a similar subject!  I’m hoping that since our kids are the same age, that this is just a phase that 3.5 year old girls are going through.  Either that or we have very precocious daughters and will need to send them to a convent soon!

So, we’ve had two variations of the same conversation already:

S:  Was Daddy your husband when you got married?

Me:  Well, he was my fiance and then we got married and he became my husband.

S:  Can Daddy be my husband, too?

Me:  No, he is your Daddy.

S:  Well, then I need to go find a husband.

Me:  Well, you have plenty of time.

S:  When can I find a husband?

Me:  When you are much older.  You have at least 20 years (doing quick mental math)… actually 25 years before you need to think about it.

I have already been asked once about where babies come from.  I had answered that they come from baby heaven, totally forgetting that I’ve already told her that she grew in my tummy.  Hopefully, if she ever spots the discrepancy, I can explain that they go from baby heaven to mommy’s tummy to grow more before they come into the world.  (Phew!)

AND, I’ve been told that she needs some privacy when she’s pottying and changing her clothes!


2 thoughts on “Conversations I’m not ready for…

  1. Oh my. I do think she’s just figuring things out, and it’s not just a girl thing. The Boy asked something about where he would live when he was married, and I told him that he and his wife would have to decide. He said he would marry The Babe, because he knows she’d agree with him, LOL. I tried to explain that it’s not really going to work that way, but he was pretty insistent (insistant?… I know you and I have discussed that word before).

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