Her favorite outfit by far and other stuff

If she’s allowed to pick her own outfit, it is inevitably the pink Paul Frank shirt with the monkey and the pink tie-dye shorts.  I swear the daycare is going to think she has no clothes!

Yesterday I heard her tell David that she wants to see Grandma.  The day before that she saw pictures of her on the computer and was so excited to see her.  We spent good 15 minutes going through all the pictures looking for Grandma.

This has been such a blah week, combination of personal and professional stuff.  So blah, I’m not even exited that it is a Friday.  Sad huh?

And how bad am I that I’m still gleeful that my friend accidentally ran over a squirrel?  I was inspired to try and run over one that was on my driveway last night, but I didn’t want to commit squirrelicide in front Soso.

I have to end this with a positive note… I got to run two days this week!!!  Great accomplishment considering it has been once a week for the past two months.  Have I mentioned that I need to be able to run 5 miles for Thanksgiving?


3 thoughts on “Her favorite outfit by far and other stuff

  1. Can I just tell you how much it makes me laugh that you are considering committing squirellicide on purpose! It must be really bad there… (((hugs)))

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