Weekend that got away

I look forward to weekends for the same reasons that most of us do.  It is a much needed break from work, a time for the family to bond and an opportunity to accomplish household chores and errands that couldn’t be completed during the week.  Sometimes it is hard to finish everything, but when you throw in a husband who needs to do a lot of school work, a dentist appointment, a party and 6 hours of cooking and baking for a cousin who just had twins, it is near impossible. 

I managed laundry, grocery shopping and I cleaned downstairs, but the second floor is still a mess.  I still have a pile of clothes that need to be ironed before Friday and cupcakes that need to be baked before Wednesday’s Halloween Party.  I have to finish buying food and drinks for a get-together on Friday and get the house and food ready for the said get-together.  Dry cleaning needs to be picked up, clothes that need to be returned to their respective stores, a bag of items to be donated to the food pantry that’s been sitting near the front door long enough require dusting, summer clothes to be put away, fall/winter clothes to be aired out, Soso’s toys needs to be organized, the list just goes on.

As for this week, I could *gasp* bring store-made cupcakes and everything else could probably be pushed back another week.  But I have to carve out time for trick-or-treating, Thursday is a Holy Day of Obligation and I have to get ready for my soiree.  I thought I needed a house cleaner, but I think what I really need is a personal assistant.  If only I could be Britney Spears!  OK, perhaps not.  If only I could have Britney Spears’ money, but not her problems!

Anyway, we’ve looked at our finances and I think we could afford to have a cleaner come in on a bi-weekly basis.  Every time I’m cleaning and unable to finish the entire house or just hating it, I think it would be worth it.  It would be worth my sanity and worth the time it would free up for me to accomplish all the other errands and chores, right?  Except will I be able to let go of my control issue and accept someone else’s idea of clean?  Or will I be cleaning in-between the cleaning lady anyway?

This may all be a moot issue because our church is doing a capital campaign.  They would like each family to commit to certain amount.  It won’t break us, but certainly enough of a monthly expense where we may have to weigh in what’s more important – my sanity or my soul.  I know a bit over the top, but valid point never-the-less.  Having a cleaning lady is more of a luxury and the church really needs a new roof.  I guess I’ll be muddling through more months of trying to fit it all in as we do the “right” thing and support our church.

OK back to the weekend that got away.  Needless to say I didn’t get a single run in.  No family fun time, unless you count the party.  Oh, wait, we did squeeze in Spiderman 3, but that felt more like wasted couple time because it was so bad.  I did get a warm feeling in my heart when the cousins looked so grateful for the dinner (stuffed peppers, baked ziti, chicken cutlet and pumpkin bread) I brought them last night.  And on the plus side, hopefully I will have an easier week because I now also have dinner for two nights.


4 thoughts on “Weekend that got away

  1. Action packed!! Dinner for 2 nights ready is a fabulous way to start the week. Store bought cupcakes and just fine 😉
    The cleaning lady versus Church roof is a dilema and it sounds like you are following your soul and being a good Church goer 🙂 Hard to be grownup sometimes, isn’t it

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