Clever girl

I was asking Soso what her favorite dessert/snack/junk food was and she declared that chocolate was her favorite.  But I knew that she also loved ice cream so I asked, “What’s your favorite, chocolate or ice cream?”  Her answer?  “Chocolate in ice cream.”  She does love her chocolate chip ice cream!

Does it ever feel like to anyone else that your kid has mastered something all of sudden?  One day, I was surprised to see her put a puzzle together with numbers 1-9 in the right sequence.  When did she learn to read all of her numbers?  It seems like only yesterday (so cliche!) when she was still confusing number “1” with small “l” and “5” and “6” looked the same to her.  I am amazed by how much she has learned in the past 6 months.

 I guess at some point I will stop being amazed?


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