Seriously, where does time go?

And why does it seem to go faster as I get older? 

It seems like this is all I write about or rather think about these days because I don’t even have time to write much anymore.  As for reading anything, I only got past two entries to Erika’s blog tonight before I realized that if I don’t write something soon, I’ll have run out of time.  I haven’t finished reading all her past posts and haven’t even read the lastest on any of the other blogs.

I remember when Soso was a year old, I was working and I had moved into my new house.  I really thought I was busy back then.  I couldn’t imagine a more hectic life.  What I’ve recently realized was that I may have been busy at home, but I was clearly not busy at work.  I used to get so much personal stuff done during work hours.  When I think about the number of hours I spent on  message boards and in chat rooms, I have to consider the fact that may be I didn’t get much real work done at all.

I’m seriously thinking about giving up this blogging thing.  I just can’t keep up with it, writing on mine nor reading others.  I guess I’ve held on because it is the one link I still have left to the message board that was such an integral part of my life.  Ah well.

The next entry will probably another bemoaning of how another whole month has gone by… or how busy I am!  Lol!


2 thoughts on “Seriously, where does time go?

  1. You can’t stop… not only would I be disappointed… but this is a great way for you to remember all the things that are going on right now…. you’ll be happy many years from now that you did this. Remember… “these are days…”

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