Sick Soso, the drama and the guilt trip

I got a phone call on Thursday at work that most parents dread.  “Your child is sick, has a temperature, etc, etc.”  101.5 seemed serious enough, but what made me drop my work and rush to pick her up was the fact that she was asking for me.  She’s been sick before, but she usually stays in good spirits.  Not this time.

When I picked her up, instead of being happy to see me, she started crying.  “I don’t feel well.  I called for you three times and you didn’t come!”  Oh my how that made my heart hurt.  I didn’t realize that she had been calling for me all morning.  Then she got upset that Daddy wasn’t home yet.

DH and I were wondering what we would today.  “Luckily” there was a snow storm.  School was canceled so he got to stay home with her.  I braved the weather and went to work.

I get three phone calls before 12, all pretty pitiful and the final call was worrisome enough that I realized that I just needed to get home.  Her temperature wasn’t going down even with Motrin.  And she kept getting on the phone, asking me to come home!

So  I come home to a sick, listless, irritated Soso who keeps crying on the off.  Then she asks me why I left her.  Then she starts crying again.  Then she calms down enough to cuddle up to me.  Then the crying starts again.

The night ended with her getting hysterical about how her toes were too soft,  how she doesn’t like soft toes and that they were going to fall off.  It was insane and yet funny in a crazy way.  She was SO upset about her soft toes!  OMG, I really hope she sleeps some and feels better tomorrow.

On a different note… how unfair is it that the one good snowfall we get, Soso is too sick to enjoy it???  The last time we got a sprinkle, really too lame to even call it snow, she had such a blast being pulled on the sleigh.  I can’t believe I live in the North East part of this country and probably have to go further north for my daughter to enjoy a really good snowfall!

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