Words hurt, even from a 4 year old

I know that I’m way harder on Soso than DH is.  I’m less patient with her, I yell at her more and I let her get away with less.  I’m trying, but it is especially hard these days when every little thing seems to trigger her into willfulness or tears.

I’ve thought that the one advantage of having her get older would be the ability to reason with her more.  Well, as it turns out logic and reasoning still doesn’t work on her for the most part.

However, she’s learned to user her words to express her own feelings to a devastating effect.  I happened to yell at her this morning about kicking me.  She starts sniffling, curls up to Daddy and starts whispering how mad she is, how angry I make her when I yell at her and how she loves Daddy more than Mommy.


I know I’m the grownup.  But you know what, it still hurts.  And a part of me is hurt because she may mean it.  After-all, I do yell at her more and is less patient.  Sure, why shouldn’t she love more someone who’s kinder to her?  Wouldn’t anyone?


3 thoughts on “Words hurt, even from a 4 year old

  1. I know how you feel, but being a parent isn’t easy and the best ones have regrets. She still loves you, but has discovered how to push your buttons.

  2. I would feel exactly the same as you. I would be crushed, and I would have doubts. But, as an outsider I can tell you that she DOES love you, she will always love you. If you yelled at her 100 times a day, she would still love you… It’s just so hard to see it when they say things like that. (((hugs)))

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