4th birthday letter

Happy birthday my beautiful 4 year old baby.  I’m so amazed that four years have gone by already.  I know it is just a number, but I’m having such a hard time believing that you are four.  It was much easier believing in two and three.

You have changed so much.  You have grown and learned so much.  You told me just yesterday that I wouldn’t understand something because it was complicated.  Where did you even learn that word?  You can read some words like “to”, “Mommy”, “Daddy”, “no”, and “hug” and you’re really good at faking the rest.  You can read and write your own name.

In some ways you have regressed.  You started waking up in middle of the night.  We haven’t figured out why and we’re still trying to come up with a solution.  So many loveys have come and gone.  Your current favorite is a combination of Kitty and Eeyore.  You don’t like being left alone.  Even as I write this you are sitting on my lap.

Your are really into Disney Princesses now.  Your favorites are Belle and Sleeping Beauty.   We are going to try and go to Disney World in the fall.  You love watching Saddle Club.  It is probably a little too old for you as now due to an episode you are worried about getting a pimple – something you won’t have to worry about for hopefully another decade!

You love being on the computer.  You’re patiently waiting for me to get off so that you can go on one of your kiddie sites.  Mommy and Daddy are thinking you’re ready for a computer of your own.  You love books and music and you’re enjoying your dance class.

There are so many things I can write about you, but you’re starting to show less patience… so until another post or your next birthday, it will all have to wait.

I love you dearly and happiest of birthday wishes to my wonderful daughter.




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