Mother’s Day

I didn’t want much for Mother’s Day – a card from Soso, a pedicure and I didn’t want to cook.  I got all three and an unexpected bonus of getting a full night’s sleep. 

It all started on Saturday night when I passed out on the couch.  No I was not drunk.  DH took care of Soso and then carried me upstairs to bed where I continue to sleep uninterrupted until about 6:30 AM.  I think it was the most continuous hours of sleep I had in a long, long time.  I can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling so completely refreshed!  I lazed around for about another hour, debated with myself about going for a jog and decided that Mother’s Day was not the day I wanted to re-start my running program.

Another bonus was that Soso, unlike her usual self these days, was cute and rational.  No mood swings or unexpected tears.

So, all in all, considering that it was really a sad day, it wasn’t too bad.  And I appreciated the fact that DH was able to put aside some of his sadness for me.


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! It sounds really relaxing… and I am glad that you and David were able to get past some of the sad…

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