Progress in the water

Soso loves water play but she still abhors having water in her eyes and she inevitably opens her mouth when she should keep it closed.  This makes everything from bath time to pool time a little more difficult.  It has turned a lazy river, seemingly the one innocuous water ride suitable for all ages into one filled with terror.  Lazy rivers tend to have little water falls and sprinklers through out the loop.

Well, DH has been working on her fear for the better part of the summer with little sucess.  So finally a couple of days ago, he warned Soso that he was going to dunk her and to keep her eyes and mouth closed and dunked her.  She came up crying and upset but quickly became proud that she went under water!  She wouldn’t do it again but she was so proud telling me the story when I came home.

So, yesterday we were at the pool with her school friend and she allowed her Daddy to dunk her again.  She came up sputtering but no tears!  And her friend under peer pressure did the same.  Neither one would do it again, but they were both very proud of themselves!

Soso will start swim lesson next week with another friend and I have hopes of more progress.  It is amazing how being with a friend makes each other braver!

3 thoughts on “Progress in the water

  1. Mine got much bolder when her friend, whose had loads of lessons and has an older brother, started jumping in the water and then swimming around with water wings. Mine learned how to swim in about a week just to keep up. The joys of peer pressure!

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