Swim Lesson

Saturday afternoon, we headed over to the local Bally’s for Soso’s first swim lesson.  (I am not counting the useless parent and child class we participated in last summer.) I entered the pool area with trepidation because this was not a parent/child class and I was afraid Soso would react poorly to being in the water with a stranger.  Luckily, I was smart enough to do a joint lesson with one of her friends.

Soso entered the water readily enough, but her initial enthusiasm quickly turned into fear as she realized that she was in deep water and that she had to hold onto the edge to stay afloat.  I sat on the side watching her face start to crumble as she desperately hitched herself higher.  It was so hard not to intervene and go to her, but I felt that I had to trust the instructor to do her job. 

My faith was rewarded when the teacher quickly went to Soso and told her how to hold on comfortably.  Soso lost her look of fear and I felt so much better.  For the rest of the lesson, she floated around hanging on to a dumbbell float and learning how to kick with straight legs.  She put her face and eyes (as she repeated about 10 times proudly!) in the water and jumped in once, but there was no dunking in this lesson.  The one sure sign of success?  She knows that the dunking comes next week, but she’s excited about her next lesson anyway.

The one downside is that the water is quite cold and Soso was shaking like a leaf by the end.  Her friend who already had a lesson had a wetsuit on and looked a lot less blue.  I guess I’ll have to buck up and go buy one for her.


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