A friend was blogging about traditions in ones family, having grown up with them, wanting to create new ones with her own family.  I can’t really remember any from my own childhood.  When we came to the US, I think we lost some traditions that we would have had growing up in Korea.  And my parents weren’t all that good about picking up American ones.  I think we finally started having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner when I learned how to cook.  Then it became a tradition that I cook the dinner.  Otherwise I don’t remember doing anything with the family on a regular basis.  A lot of the American traditions that were adopted were adopted by me, but not really embraced by the whole family.

I can totally understand wanting traditions.  The word for me evokes a sense of family, generations past, present and future.  It evokes memories from the past and of fond memories to come.  It makes me think of ones roots.  It evokes a sense of belonging to something bigger than self.

Having been uprooted at the age of 7 from all that I knew, I have always felt a little unsettled.  Although I have adapted well and I am in many ways more American than Korean, I have always felt a hole.  I think I have felt a lack of family and family traditions the entire time.

This is why family is so important to me.  This is why I feel my mother-in-law’s passing away so keenly and why I so desperately want to provide a sibling for Soso.  Because family and tradition go together.

We have a large extended family on DH’s side, but we are not very close.  One grandmother has already passed away and Soso may never have a sibling to share her childhood with.  But I hope that DH and I can provide enough of fond memories filled with family traditions so that she always know where her roots are.  I hope she never feels the hole I have felt.


One thought on “Traditions

  1. Oh, I have every confidence that you and David will provide that to Sofia. While I get where you are coming from… traditions aren’t really about the generations so much as they are about love. And you, David, and Sofia have plenty of that. (((hugs)))

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