Strange habits, possibly gross so be forwarned!

Does anyone else have children with strange habits?  My daughter will one day kill me for this…

But after Soso does her #2, she looks into the toilet and makes a comment about how many she has made.  One day she made four, two small ones and two bigger ones.  She makes a comment, “Look, I made a family!”  I didn’t know whether to laugh or to shake my head.  I think I did both.

She has also gotten into a habit of smelling her feet and socks – possibly b/c she’s been having stinky feet during the summer while wearing shoes without socks.  She takes these deep breaths and cries out, “Ew, stinky feet!”  She knows they are stinky.  Why must she verify this every day???


3 thoughts on “Strange habits, possibly gross so be forwarned!

  1. OMG! A family! hysterical!

    Oh, and please tell Sofia she is not allowed to be so big as she is in your new banner picture. *sniff*

  2. OMG, McKenna does the same thing! It used to be “I have to go poopy four times, and shut the door all the way so the dog doesn’t come in and Cilla doesn’t flush my poop!” Now she poops five times, and sometimes she insists on staying on the toilet after she’s done because she hasn’t heard the right number of plops yet…

    I’m so glad to know she’s not the only one!

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