You know he’s a Daddy when…

…you see him sporting a Barbie and and a Dora band aids.  DH injured himself in multiple areas on Friday nightand all we have these days are band aids for Soso.  Soso very generously shared hers with him but all she had were the above mentioned character ones.  So, DH has been walking around all weekend with Barbie ones!  This morning, he pulled out a Dora one and asked, “Do you think a Dora band aid is less feminine than Barbie’s?”  After he puts the Dora one on he comments, “You know the Barbie actually blends with my skin tone better Dora” shrugs and finishes getting ready for work.  I love the fact that he does not feel self-conscious about wearing a possibly feminine band aid.  I’m not sure I would feel the same if I were in his shoes.  Good thing I’m a girl and can appreciate a girlie band aid, even at my old age!


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