Bedtime story telling at my house

We used to just read books at bedtime. One book or three, simple ones or not, they were never-the-less books that were written by other people.  All that was required of me was to read them, possibly answer a few questions, but that was all.  Somehow recently, we have started having stories told.  I am not sure how we started on this, but now Soso is hooked.

It started with her asking, “Mommy, tell me a story from your head.”  It was relatively simple.  I could make up new stories or my own version of existing tales.  This was important because frankly, I couldn’t remember all the details of various fairy tales.  But now that Soso has a repertoire of stories in her head, mine and ones heard from school, story telling at bedtime as become complicated.

S: Mommy, tell me a story

M: OK, once upon a time…

S: Tell me about my bear and Eeyore

M: …there was a bear and Eeyore who were good friends…

S: and about how they got lost

M: and one day they got lost in the woods while looking for some berries

S: and about how they left bread crumbs

M: But they were very clever and had left bread crumbs along the way.  So, even tho they were lost, they were not scared.  They just needed to look for the bread crumbs.

S: Yes, but when they looked, all the bread crumbs were gone!  OK, Mommy, what else happened?

M:  Well, its seems that you already know this story very well.  Do you want to tell me the story?

S: No, you tell me!

Now we go through some rendition of this when I tell a made up story from my head.  I am not sure who’s telling whom a story!  When I try going back to a standard fairy tale, I’m constantly interrupted by, “But that’s not how Ms. Ruthie (her teacher) tells it!”  I had to finally tell Soso that Ms. Ruthie had her version and I had mine.  So, now I have a running commentary when I tell my version,  “Ms. Ruthie says X but that’s OK, this is your version Mommy”.

I miss the days when I could just read a book.  Hm, an idea just popped into my head.  Why didn’t I think of this before!  I will now go BUY a book of fairy tales so that I have something more authoritative to rely on!


3 thoughts on “Bedtime story telling at my house

  1. Rick is the story telling genius in my family. If Raegan wants someone to tell her a story, it has to be him. I will gladly read her a story, but I am not creative enough to come up with one on my own.

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