Fun weekend, but so tired!

It all started on Friday night.  Some former co-workers and I got together for food and drinks.  These are from the job I had for all of 8 months.  It was short, but for some reason we bonded.  We’ve gotten together 4 times now since I’ve left a year and a half ago.  Pretty good, huh?

Then I woke up Saturday morning, early enough to go for a short run!  It is pretty sad that these days I can’t even do 2 miles!  Anyway, our town was having a scarecrow event.  A lot of individuals and businesses participated and there were over 100 scarecrows on display through out the town.  And the weather was gorgeous, so we spent a couple of hours looking at the scarecrows in town.  Soso really enjoyed herself.  Some were really creative, like an Edward Scissorhand cutting hair in front of a hair salon and a Dracula with a garland of garlic in front of a restaurant named “Garlic Rose”.  Of course Soso’s favorite was the “Tinkerbell” scarecrow!

Then it was off to an Italian Festival at my father-in-law’s town.  More walking around and eating some yummy Zeppoles.  And I won Soso a small stuffed animal from a game!  It was the game where you shoot water to raise a stuffed animal and whoever reaches the top first wins.  It was the first time I have ever won at one of these games and the fact that I was competing with another mother and a small kid does not diminish my pride!!!  Soso was so happy to win something because she didn’t understand why she didn’t win anything at all the other games we played.

Sunday, we were off to meet my parents for a brunch to celebrate my mother’s 70th birthday (Happy birthday Mom!).  We went to this place in NY that David and I went to when we were dating and for our one year anniversary.  They served fabulous brunch 7 years ago and haven’t changed one bit!  Their food and service were excellent both times.  Plus, it was another gorgeous day with the fall colors making everything look so pretty.

Then we got home just in time to walk to town for the street fair.  We caught the last hour, which was perfect because it was less crowded and we still got to see most of the vendors.  Soso got to see inside of a real firetruck and spent whole 4 minutes bouncing on one of those bouncers all by herself!  No lines!

Yesterday, we went apple and pumpkin picking with some friends from school.  We were told to get to the orchard early because it was  Columbus Day and the orchard was expecting a huge crowd. We got there when they opened and it was perfect!  We got premium parking, there was no crowd and there were plenty of apples and pumpkins.  Soso and the kids could have picked more apples, but the bucket the orchard provided was so heavy, I had to stop Soso when the bag was half full!

The kids all had a great time running around.  At one point, Soso and two of her girl friends were walking hand in hand and they looked so cute! We ended the day at the orchard with a long hayride.  It was bumpy and the kids enjoyed it like it was an amusement park ride, giggling and squealing after every bump.

We left the orchard for a near by park to eat lunch.  There was a playground area so of course the kids were running around some more.  They have so much energy!!!  They didn’t want to leave, even though at this point they were getting cranky from having missed their naps.  I know they all probably fell asleep in the car, but not mine!  She never sleeps in the car anymore.  We ended the day by stopping by the orchard’s store and picking up some fresh hot apple cider donuts.  They smelled so good and tasted even better!  Perfect ending to a perfect day.

I guess this is also a tradition we’ve followed for 3 years now – apple and pumpkin picking!  It really is a fun tradition!

On a side note, I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy pumpkins after last year’s incident.  The situation has not changed.  We are still infested with squirrels.  They still run rampant and act like they are the true owners of our property.  So, what possessed me to buy a pumpkin this year aside from my daughter asking for one?  Hope.  Yes, hope that was inspired by a comment from one of the moms on Sunday.  She, too resides in my town and she has successfully been able to prevent squirrels from demolishing her pumpkins by spraying them with hairspray!  HAIRSPRAY!!!  Why isn’t this a common knowledge, search-able by Google???  I can’t even tell you the number of hours I spent looking for a solution last year.

Now I have a small pumpkin coated with 4 layers of hairspray sitting on my stoop.  I have some hope that it will be intact when I get home, but I also know in my heart that the squirrels around my yard are diabolical.  I will not be surprised to see that mere hairspray did not deter them.  Disappointed, but not surprised.


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